The Sewing Machine Works!

Finally!  Got the sewing machine working and put out quite a few new products:

Yes, I know there are Christmas trees and what not on them... what else do you think I'd do with all of this holiday fabric.  These are dryer sachets, real cool and the perfect replacement for stinky dryer sheets.  Just toss one (or 2 or 3) into your dryer and go to town.  Your clothes will come out smelling great.  These are made with lavender & flaxseed.  More scents and types will be coming soon!

Next we have the Freshener Spray.  This can be used to freshen up just about anything, and is much better to use than that Febreeze(tm) stuff.  What is IN that stuff anyway?  Oh, well.  This only has two little ingredients.  You can spray it in the air, on your clothing, in the dryer or on the dryer sachets or sheets.  Anywhere!  I love this stuff... it's so easy for me to make and it smells soooo good.

Yes, I said it... Preserve Your Sexy, Please!  Nobody else is going to do it for ya!  This is a cool shaving soap, which I must say I also use to wash my face with.  It's made for the guys in mind; it fits in the palm of your hand and lathers up real nice.  Yes, it has real cinnamon powder in it, and smells of cinnamon and sandalwood, a cool, sexy, spicy scent.  As soon as I can find some shaving brushes, look out for cool shaving kits to go with this!

Got some new cool packaging coming around the corner soon, so keep in touch for the next post!  Until then, check out my Etsian for the Day

Absolutely fabulous (forgive the pun)!  I love these cards!  I think GFT is going to have to order some for thank you cards or I might just order them just because!

Hello Note Card by PerideauDesigns

Check out all of the designs in this shop because they're wonderful!


till later all!

Well I can't get any senior discounts yet...

Wow!  42 isn't half bad!  I thought about taking the day off, but I couldn't resist adding this new free trial...

Momma Francie Says Take Care of the Babies!

It's a liquid formulation containing SERIOUSLY all natural products.  If you use cloth diapers, go check it out!  I've got no babies that wear diapers in my house, so I would love to have a few people try this out before I offer it up as an item in the shop.

Give it a try?  If you don't have little ones running around, then check out my Etsy Shop for the Day

Who doesn't like chocolate?  This looks good enough to eat!

Decadently Cocoa Moisturizing Body Polish (4 oz) by MamaNatureEstls

And, heck yes, I give props to other soapers and green cleaners out there... why not?

Later all!

New Products!

Happy President's Day!

What's new in the shop (besides the new sewing machine???). We've added two new products!

Freshener Spray. I tried out several different names for this and realized you could use it for several freshening jobs. Air Freshening; Linen Spray; Dryer Sachets. Use it for all! $3.00 for a 2 ounce bottle

And this little baby is the All Natural Spray Starch. No, it won't leave your clothes like cardboard, but it will give those shirts the snap that makes you look all put together. It's got a nice lavender scent, which is great for stress. $4.75 for a 6oz., refillable spray bottle.

More great items are just around the corner -- keep your eyes peeled.

Now, for the best part: The Etsian of the Day

This has got to be one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. And I love tea, so this caught my eye!

COFFEE TEA OR ME Jewelry - Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring

Have a great one! And don't forget (like I did)... all the banks and post offices are closed today! *sigh*


I finally got my sewing machine.

I am most happy. And GFT is going to get much better.

One product at a time.

So, for the Etsian of the day...

CLEARANCE Now HALF PRICE Bliss Bear Bubblebath (8oz. Bottle)

I couldn't resist these little guys. I have to give a shout out to a fellow soaper, and dennisanderson is one of the "big ones". I aspire to be as successful as him. I mean, really. 12,000+ customers and 100% feedback? You go, guy!

Until later all!

I Threw Up My Hands....

And gave in to the FREE SHIPPING Gods.

I'm offering Free Shipping to all US and Canadian Customers now, for all time. International Customers also receive a dramatically reduced rate of shipping (though you have to wait for a revised invoice).

Shipping & Etsy is such a hard thing to figure out! And it's not my thing to gouge my customers out of a more money just to ship. My thing is to expose people to a greener way of life, and wonderful beauties for the home.

So there.

I haven't changed any of my prices, and don't plan on changing them any time soon. So, go check it out!