Artisans of the Day - September 30, 2009

It's that time again, folks! With everyone gearing up massively early for the holidays (didn't we used to start that in October before???), shops are getting packed to the brim with winning goodies!

Artfire Artisan of the Day

Artfire's artisan of the day should be Artfire itself for the new Shop Importer Tool, but I digress.

I know it's easy to stop off at the department store for a cheapie hat for the fall & winter, but why do that when you can have something beautiful, handmade that will last for season after season. With 2 kids, I know the allure of stopping at WallyWorld for a $2.00 hat, but that hat usually falls apart before the winter is out. This Navy Blue with Yellow Stripe Hand Knit Hat - Medium by Rainwolf is a perfect edition to your cold-weather wardrobe.

Etsy Artisan of the Day

Etsy is down for maintenance, so I can't find any goodies for you today... ah, well.

Later, taters!

Artisans of the Day - September 25, 2009

And the coolness doesn't stop.

I had to work early yesterday, so I didn't get a chance to share the Artisans of the day with you, but I'm back and they're neat!

Etsy Artisan of the Day

I think this is a great tribute to those first responders out there who deserve more props than anyone I know.

Defining the Life of a Paramedic Artful Hardware Pendant from COGnitivecreations

Artfire Artisan of the Day

The only thing I can use to describe this handmade lampwork bead is OMG. It always amazes me how people have the patience and talent to do this.

Green Tea Orbit Focal Bead from BadgerBeads

Okay, all check you later!

Artisans of the Day - September 23, 2009

<---- See that? That's how cool these artisans are for today. I promised to go back to showing off the Artisans who Rock My Socks, so here I am. Now, I pick these at total random, using the various search tools on Etsy and Artfire ... just to prove those search tools actually work!

Etsy Artisan of the Day

I'm not a Mac(tm) person ... yet ... but this necklace is very, very neat! It's made of white acrylic and at a chilly-cool $20, you can't beat the geekdom involved.

apple / ctrl-z / undo acrylic necklace (white) from plastique

Artfire Artisan of the Day

Can we say kismet??? Like I said, I pick these randomly ... but look at that! Yes, this is a supply, but the seller also makes beautiful jewelry. I just couldn't resist this!

10 pcs Antique Brozne Chinese Knot Connector/Link from studio21

Until tomorrow later folks! Go do like Fergie says and "Check it owwwt!"

Yes, haeven does windows....

No, that's not me, that's a beauty painted by the great pin-up artists Elvgren... though it would be nice.

Now, here's a product launch I've been looking forward to! I finally released by Floor and Glass Cleaner to the wide world. I tested this on various and sundry glass and floor surfaces and am satisfied that you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Now, this isn't for wood floors... that product will come later, but it will tidy up those bathroom and kitchen floors right nice, and what it does for glass... well if it can remove cocoa butter lotion from a bathroom mirror (I have a 4 year old, don't ask), well you just have to have it.

And check these cuties out. I've decided to give everyone a truly unique way to carry around their laundry washing powder... I've loaded up 32 loads of my powder into this great reusable lined drawstring, and you're off to the laundromat in style.

The bag is lined with repurposed plastic (finally found a good use for those grocery bags my un-enlightened husband and brother-in-law keeps bringing home), so they are water resistant. They're also washable -- though not dryer safe -- so you can change up scents easily.

Speaking of scents, I've expanded my line of washing powder scents. Now you can get:

black tea
asian citrus
dark ginger
and the usual regular scent.

So, yes, very happy and very accomplished today. Now I have to decide whether I'm really going to be able to put together 300 samples for an event. It's a hard decision, because it's connected to a relatively prestigious company, but I don't want to half-a$$ it, you know.

I'll be back on Monday with my Artisans of the Day. I really miss sharing them with you; and now that I'm feeling more sociable, I should get back to sharing.

And all the people said "Woot!"

Got the cotton muslin I'd ordered yesterday, so I'm ready for the new product design. I have to say that NauvooQuiltCompany is a great seller. I can't wait to need more muslin so I can go back and buy more.

Got an email today asking about the laundry powder in the little milk cartons. I'm interested in seeing if she wants to purchase some -- thank God I didn't throw them out. If any of your remember, I used to package the laundry powders in tiny little milk cartons. With that request, I'm thinking of offering it as a gift selection. However, the new packaging I'm developing will be a big hit, I'm hoping.

I'm currently doing the infamous 'nanner dance...

Because these little babies are all done!

This was a custom order for an Etsy seller who needed sachets as gifts. There are 26 finished sachets here, completed in 2 1/2 days.

For the deets: They are made from fabric chosen by the customer, sized approx. 4" x 4". They are made with cotton wool and scented flaxseed (these are made with lavender scent). The cotton wool gives it the "fluff", the flaxseed is the power pack of scent.

They are washable, but they should be washed in the delicate cycle and not dried in the dryer!
I'm going to be offering similar sachets -- called Stress Sachets -- very soon in my shop. You'll be able to pop it in your pocket, your purse, where ever you want to have a release from stress.

If you want some sachets like these custom made -- because I found I absolutely LOVED making them -- email me at or convo me at my Etsy or Artfire Shops.

Yes, I have other talents....

Crocheting for example. I learned to crochet many, many moons ago from my mother, and I thought I'd forgotten. A few false starts later and now I'm crocheting like my fingers are on fire!

Check out this new Kitchen Cloth Set over @ haeven. I have 2 sets of this particular color, complete with dishcloth and pot scrubbies. These are lightweight but strong, made of 100% cotton wool!

Well, off to get the laundry from the dryer and chase my little tiny dancer away from my bento supplies!

Okay, so well...

The AP Cleaner formula is phail. A re-formulation is necessary, so the cleaning product line will launch on September 7.
The mess crystallized in the container and turned into an ugly mess. Gotta love handmade. I know what went wrong, so a fix is easy to do.
In other words, that is my FAVORITE PHAIL picture of all time. Seriously?
Giveaway winner announcement either later today or tomorrow. TTYL.