Yes, I have other talents....

Crocheting for example. I learned to crochet many, many moons ago from my mother, and I thought I'd forgotten. A few false starts later and now I'm crocheting like my fingers are on fire!

Check out this new Kitchen Cloth Set over @ haeven. I have 2 sets of this particular color, complete with dishcloth and pot scrubbies. These are lightweight but strong, made of 100% cotton wool!

Well, off to get the laundry from the dryer and chase my little tiny dancer away from my bento supplies!
2 Responses
  1. PussDaddy Says:

    I can crochet, too. I am making an afghan for my husband but I hardly ever work on it and so far I only have one panel done.


  2. That's the state I was in a few months back, then I "mastered" the double-crochet again and I was off like a crazy-train.

    I wonder if Ozzy crochets... Maybe he should... *snort*