Artisans of the Day - September 23, 2009

<---- See that? That's how cool these artisans are for today. I promised to go back to showing off the Artisans who Rock My Socks, so here I am. Now, I pick these at total random, using the various search tools on Etsy and Artfire ... just to prove those search tools actually work!

Etsy Artisan of the Day

I'm not a Mac(tm) person ... yet ... but this necklace is very, very neat! It's made of white acrylic and at a chilly-cool $20, you can't beat the geekdom involved.

apple / ctrl-z / undo acrylic necklace (white) from plastique

Artfire Artisan of the Day

Can we say kismet??? Like I said, I pick these randomly ... but look at that! Yes, this is a supply, but the seller also makes beautiful jewelry. I just couldn't resist this!

10 pcs Antique Brozne Chinese Knot Connector/Link from studio21

Until tomorrow later folks! Go do like Fergie says and "Check it owwwt!"
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