Well I can't get any senior discounts yet...

Wow!  42 isn't half bad!  I thought about taking the day off, but I couldn't resist adding this new free trial...

Momma Francie Says Take Care of the Babies!

It's a liquid formulation containing SERIOUSLY all natural products.  If you use cloth diapers, go check it out!  I've got no babies that wear diapers in my house, so I would love to have a few people try this out before I offer it up as an item in the shop.

Give it a try?  If you don't have little ones running around, then check out my Etsy Shop for the Day

Who doesn't like chocolate?  This looks good enough to eat!

Decadently Cocoa Moisturizing Body Polish (4 oz) by MamaNatureEstls

And, heck yes, I give props to other soapers and green cleaners out there... why not?

Later all!

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