If You wanna party like we do; If you wanna party like us, lemme hear you say


I don't know what happened, but since Friday GreenFamilyTree has taken off! Suddenly, we at 110 sales! I just had to do the hippy-hippy-shake over here in celebration! Thanks to all of the wonderful people who have given us a go! I hope you are all happy with your results and come back for more! Because I assure you, more is coming right around the corner.

New goodies? Why, yes, we do have some new goodies:

The Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaner is now ready-to-use! While the concentrate is getting a packaging makeover, we're offering up the K&B Cleaner and the Floor & Glass Cleaner in great, ready-to-use spray bottles.

We did some product testing and believe it or not, both our liquid and powder Cloth Diaper Wash were a hit! So now you can purchase a test-drive and see which one works for you!

There's much more going on over there, but if I kept going I wouldn't have room for my favorite part of posting: The Estian of the Day

Now, how do I choose my Etsian of the Day? Well it varies. Sometimes I go to the recently listed items and find something there that catches my eye. Sometimes I check out my favorites and see what's going on there. Sometimes I'm wandering through the fora and find a shop that tickles my fancy.

This one I found in the recently listed items on the front page. It's too cute for words. It's called the Spotted Bloppit Plush Monster and he/she has lots of friends and family over at mintconspiracy's shop. Go check them all out!

Until next time, all! Have a happy St. Patrick's Day! And don't forget your green! C'mon, you know I couldn't resist that one!
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