Where the *bleep* have I been!

I've been quite ninja-like lately with my lurking! Had to take a few days off for brain-health, but I'm coming back! A small down-turn on the depression scale can be rough; I hope to be picking up the energy soon!

Still preparing for the Little Black Box and I can't wait! As soon as the packaging comes in I'll give you a little taste of what's coming.

I have to say, confession-style, that I'm falling a bit behind on my customer service skills, so for anyone out there who is suffering, I humbly apologize.

Business wise, I'm in possession of a cute little camera that I bought from -- of all places -- eBay. For those of you who missed it, my little Tiny Dancer destroyed my previous camera. I believe she wanted to see if i could drink juice... in any case, I'll be spending the weekend photographing all the cool things I've been creating and re-opening the shop to the public.

I've also been thinking about creating some informational posts about the "green world" for my blog to make it a bit less "all about me" and more "all about green". If you have any ideas, give me a holler. I think the first article will be about some of the ingredients I use in my cleaning products.

Okay, off to what I like best about posting -- the Artisans of the Day!

Etsy Artisan of the Day

I normally don't look on the front page for my Artisan of the Day, but I couldn't resist this brooch because this is my newest obsession -- my beautiful sewing machine! Chatnoir77 created this cutie from many hours of practice with wire and check it out -- it has a wooden spool! Great gift for the sewing-enthusiast in your life!

ArtFire Artisan of the Day

To be fair, I took the ArtFire Artisan of the Day from the Front Page as well, but it wasn't hard when I saw this great piece, called the Harmony Ring. This is a great piece for those who like to wear the big and bold jewelry! Sterling silver rings and springs make this a true conversation piece. I totally envy the photography skills of inbalbittan -- as well as that stunningly classic manicure!

A bit of opining... ArtFire has been getting a lot of guff lately and while I completely understand, I have to say that growing pains can sometimes be felt by all. I don't have an inside track on ArtFire's business growth, but I'm guessing that in order for ArtFire to have a larger presence on the interwebz -- therefore bringing all of us sellers more traffic -- they have to grow a bit to be more competitive.

I have both a free shop and a verified shop on ArtFire, and I do appreciate the ability to list more items in the free shop -- it's a temporary shop, set up to destash some of the jewelry supplies in my inventory. In any shop, you got to keep the front window fresh, and with this economy, people are more discriminating when they shop. I think the unlimited listings will give all of us the much needed boost in traffic this holiday season.

As well, the Verified Seller can't beat the extra goodies we get by paying the monthly rate. It's a key budgeting factor when trying to figure out your overhead. And I love the flexibility of being able to adjust the look of my "permanent" shop.

Okay, enough soapbox rambling... go check out those Artisans of the Day and enjoy!

till later, taters!
2 Responses
  1. Glama Ray Says:

    Hi there. Just wanted to pop over and thanks for posting. I must have that Harmony Ring, just so cool and the sewing machine, pin. WOW. So many wonderful creative thinkers out there. I too want to have an Etsy shop or Artsfire but still deciding which one I should go with. Have a great weekend!

  2. Glama, I have both... I admit I have more sales @ Etsy, but I'm not giving up on ArtFire just yet. They're still new and working out some kinks and things...

    It's free to open both shops, so give both a go and see how you do!

    Good luck & thanks for responding!