The Great Container Search!

So, I've got this great line of cleaning products and now I want to give them a spiffy look, so when you buy them, you won't feel like you bought them off some old lady in a house of 1000 cats.

I finally found a company that sells wonderful containers, the tops to match, and the ability to by them one at a time! Whee! I'm so easily amused.

I'm staying with the milk cartons for the laundry powders... I just can't resist the look. So, in case you're keeping track here's the lines that will be coming down the pike:

Grandma Helen Says Keep Your Clothes Clean

Laundry Powder (6, 12, 24 load containers, with a 92 load refill)
Laundry Creme (10, 20, load containers with a 40 load refill)
Laundry Dryer Sachets

Mamma Francie Says Take Care of Your Baby

Cloth Diaper Laundry Detergent (30 load container)
Baby Wipe Liquid
Baby Wipes
Bottom Balm
Abuelita Lidia Says Keep Your Casa Clean
Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaner
Floor & Glass Cleaner (almost ready for launch!)
Toilet Bombs
Dishwashing Powder (for Hand and Machine Washing)
Furniture Spray
Carpet Powder
Tia Glaucia Says Make Your House a Home
Linen Spray

Next Post, I wax poetic about my bath and beauty lines!
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