If you use Cloth Diapers Lemme Hear You Say HO!

I'm currently formulating a laundry powder that is specifically for washing cloth diapers and infant wear and I'm looking for 10 mommies and daddies who would like to test this product.

I have two formulas. What I will do is send 5 families one formula and 5 families the other formula. There will be enough to do at least two loads of CLOTH DIAPERS.

After you use the formulas, you'll email me with your results, and I'll pick the formula that has the best results as the new product for the "Mamma Francie Says Take Care of Your Baby" line.

There is no other obligation to the test study. You won't be spammed or anything else. You'll actually receive for your trouble a gift card for $5 off any other product in any of my three shops!

If you're interested, email us at green.family.tree@live.com, comment here, or convo me at the GreenFamilyTree shop!

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