Gentlemen (and Ladies), Start Your Engines....

What a wonderfully positive re-start to the shop. Already have four sales in two days, and they are already packaged and labels are printed and they are ready to go!
I learned so much during the debacle of GFT. First and foremost; just package the items as soon as you get the sale. Don't put it off to mail on one singular day of the week.

Second; free shipping sucks! Unless you're shipping something that is so light that you can afford to absorb the cost (or incorporate the cost into the price) -- for me that's less than $2 -- then you MUST charge shipping. The only time when free shipping will work if if the customer purchases so much that the cost of shipping is negligible in comparison to the price that was just paid. Did that make sense?

Okay, so now, I have to chirp and preen about the new products, the new packaging, the whole new attitude:

Laundry Detergent - 8 Load Sampler - $3.75

Okay, this is the first product available. It's the new laundry powder. This sample size offering is actually four 2-load samples of our four fragrances. The new formulation is made with a soap that contains NO SLS, SLES, Sodium Tallowate or any animal products. Yay for vegan laundry soap. I'm still toying with the idea of offering a "heavy-duty" laundry detergent for those scary loads (like husband's work uniforms, kid's sport uniforms, etc), but for now, this will work for just about everything from diapers to regular laundry. Soon, these will come in packages of 16 and 32 loads.

haeven Scent Linen Spray - 2 oz sample - $3.75

I love this product. I love the way the packaging came out and I love the smell! This is linen spray; however you can use for wherever you need freshness! Three of the fragrances match the scents of the laundry powder, and I've added the wonderful smokiness of Black Tea to the bunch. Now both bachelors and -ettes can have cool smelling bachelor pads. This is a sampler of 2 ounces of spray (wow! that 's a whole lot!). I'll have 8 ounce refill bottles available soon.

What's coming next? Well, I'm working on a laundry sachet. I'm trying to give it a unique but functional look, so we'll see how that works out.

Then, hopefully, the sky will be the limit. This time I have better focus and a more positive attitude about being able to do it all! Here's to hoping that the books match my happy mood by the end of the month; that's when I meet with Husband-Man the Accountant. Maybe I'll be able to make it a date night...

Well, have a great weekend all! Don't forget:
Every new day opens a new window of opportunity; make the most of it!