Construction Underway!

Waiting on some supplies and almost ready to re-open next week! The time away from this part of my business was a good thing; I was able to think objectively about what was going wrong.

Now I can commit to better organization, I can guarantee speeding shipping, and a EXECPTIONAL (God, I like that word) customer service experience for my customers all over. My husband has jumped on board as well -- cautiously, but it was better than the previous no support at all. He's going to make sure my finances stay in order. A Chief Financial Officer if you will. So, go me!

In the process of cleaning up and through the physical re-org; I'm destashing a few things. The first are these kraft jewelry boxes. I have about 80 of them and I'm planning to sell them in lots of 10. HOWEVER, if anyone out there wants to whole bunch, I can sell them for $15 for the whole lot. I've only taken a few out, and the rest haven't even left the box they came from. Just convo me @ Etsy or email me if you're interested. I'll probably have more to destash as I clear out my craft closet!

Now, off I go to finish this doggone closet and wait for Friday, so I can order my supply -- because that's when the CFO is going to release the funds. LOL!

I'll see you all next week with ... something I hope!
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