It don't come easy...

So, the Etsy Shop greenfamilytree is going to be closed for longer than expected. Let's just say that MJ (God rest his poor soul) wasn't the only one with past-due bills.

Until I can straighten it out properly, you all can come over and shop at ArtFire. GFT will be still closed until July 15, but the Jewelry and Fiction shops are wide open and waiting for customers.

The fact that I haven't made any sales @ ArtFire hasn't deterred me yet -- I still am liking the monthly fee, as opposed to 20 cents a pop. The only down-side is that you cannot re-new items (not that I've discovered yet). But, for me, it's just like a hosting site -- you get space, and you pay once a month and that's that. Well, you also pay a tiny selling fee, but really, Etsy can add up if you're not careful! (see first paragraph if you don't believe me).

I'll be heavily promoting the ArtFire shops for now. HOWEVER, I will still remain an Etsy shopper, because I can't really turn my back on the place that gave me such success over the past couple of years.

So, now for the Artisan's of the day:

Esty Artisan of the Day

If she calls this an "oops!", I can't wait to see the good ones! I just wish I had the patience to crochet like this -- my stuff tends to look like my daughter made it. Go check the rest of leahstreasures out...

ArtFire Artisan of the Day

QwertyO was one of my first customers at the Etsy shop, if not my FIRST customer! I had no idea she had a shop over at ArtFire and I'm glad I found her! I love the way her produce bags look! *waves*

1000 Markets Artisan of the Day

This pendant and card are simply beautiful. Like it says, I really have no other words, other than go and visit gpdesignsart and her other offerings.
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  1. SiSi Says:

    I am liking Artfire for the same reasons as you do:) I think there is a way to relist the item, if that's what you're trying to do.