Smile for the Camera!

Two new items over at GFT Designs @ Etsy.
Anyone who is a lover of deep blue will adore Avalon. I had a set of three of these briolettes two of which you'll see in my Sleeping Beauty Earrings, and this pendant sized stone kept getting misplaced over the past year. I would lose it and it would appear again, a few weeks later in the oddest places. Once, I even found it behind the microwave!

If you love the stories of Valdemar, you'll understand why I call these the Monarch's Own. These pretties are part of the hoop series of earrings I've been creating, coupling tiny little Swarovski crystal and sterling silver. There will be more coming soon, in all kinds of colors.

Now for my Artisans of the Day:

Artisan of the Day

For those of you who like to shower in the dark, I just have to show you this great glow in the dark soap from dugsshop.

Artisan of the Day

This is what I aspire to. This is a gorgeous aventurine pendant from imperialdesignsjewelry. One day, folks, one day...

Artisan of the Day

The theme of the day is green, in case you haven't notice, and this is a perfect example of "green". This Tuscan Art gold ring by GreenORO is created out of 100% post consumer recycled gold. I love the delicate detail of this ring, and if I had the money laying around, I might make sure my husband never, ever forgot this Father's Day.

Okay, everyone go get to shopping or browsing ,and have a great day!
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