Whistle While You Work #879798339

Busy day today, thank goodness! I've got some packing and shipping to do -- and not at my day job either. Then, it's off to Movie Night with the son tonight after work. I think we're seeing Angels and Demons this week. I know, there are folk who are all in an uproar about this movie, but I think it's an interesting story with one thing that always fascinates me -- puzzles.

Today, I posted three new pieces, of of which is pictured to over there. I promised to offer jewelry for all spiritual beliefs, and here it goes. I created this piece during my first year as a jewelry crafter, and it is one of my favorites -- I hope it finds a good home!

Want to see what my fellow artisans are up to? Thought you'd never ask!

Artisan of the Day

This piece has a ton of character and is wonderfully crafted! If my knew for a fact that my daughter wouldn't try to bonk her brother on the head with it, I'd snap it up first thing, so now's your chance.
Celtic Knot Slate Tile from OakGrove

Artisan of the Day

Does Dad need to refresh his pimp hand? I think this ring might just do the trick!
It's sterling silver with dinosaur bone and inlaid black onyx and it's from HilemanSilverJewelry

Artisan of the Day

Now this is some great packaging! There's enough goodies in here to get lost in the bathtub for a month! And that's just okay with me!
Deluxe Personal Care Gift Set from Mill Creek Valley Farm

Well, off to devour some pizza with the Tiny Dancer! Have a great weekend!
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