Artisans of the Day

I haven't forgotten: Here I am with my Artisans of the Day

Etsy Artisan of the Day

This is a beautiful work of art from one of my favorite shops! Here's a bit of a quote from her shop on this Vintage Japanese Kimono:
"Kurotomesode are the most formal kimono worn by married women. You'd see this sort of thing on the mother of the bride at a wedding, for example. In the US they are very popular for interior decor and I've seen several hung on the walls of Asian- or Japanese-themed spas here on the west coast. It would also make a great costume for Halloween or for any formal event where you'd like to make a statement."

ArtFire Artisan of the Day

Anyone who knows me knows I have this thing for Swarovski Crystals. There is nothing like the glisten of a Swarovski. And these are gorgeous mocha colored Swarovski round crystals... just added this artisan to my hotlist so that when I'm ready I can shop to my heart's content!

1000 Markets Artisan of the Day

I SO want to learn how to do coptic binding! I just need the time to sit there are stare at the YouTube tutorials for it -- then watch out!

Until then, this is a beautiful, bright bold journal! And there is that yellow color that I used to dislike until recently.

This artisan has more beauties too... go check them out!

Okay, off to bed, all! Later!
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