Back to the Drawing Board!

So, as promised, GreenFamilyTree @ Etsy and Artfire have been closed down while I get my act together. I'm going to take this as a learning process and when they return, the customer service experience will be better than ever! That is, if they both return. I'm having an Etsy bill experience that is less than stellar, so that shop may be in lockdown for a while. My advice? Careful with the re-newing. It is dangerous. Everyone says renewing is the way to go, to get your shop seen and out there, but at 20 cents a pop, it can add up. Also? If you're bad with finances, find a friend/relative/poor schlub who is good at it to help you out. I've FINALLY convinced my husband (who has the accounting experience) to lend a hand, so when I return, things will run much smoother than before.

So, what will you see when GreenFamilyTree comes back? What you expect. Great products, wonderful customer service, a fulfillment department that is second to none. You'll see the laundry products come back first, with new scents and a more reasonable size. Then, by September, the cleaning products will make a comeback -- with more choices. Following that, in December, Auntie Yvie and Brother G will be back in style. Then by February 2010, a great new surprise will be waiting for you all.

Until July 15, go and visit my jewelry shops, GFTDesigns @ Artfire and Etsy. I've got some lovelies there that I think you'll enjoy!

Oh, and for those looking for the book, check out GFT Publications. It's going to have it's own little home.

I'll be posting the Artisans of the Day still, so keep a look out for those! Gotta keep giving props to my fellow artisans!
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