I'm doing some shameless self-promotion...

Because no one is going to do it for me, right? The jewelry shop needs some loving. In case you haven't heard the history of GFT Designs, allow me:

I have a HUMONGOUS supply of glass beads and finding in my possession. Rather than doing the Great DeStash, I've decided to create beautiful pieces. Because these beads have been paid for several times over, I can offer these beautiful pieces at real LOW prices. As soon as the last of my old inventory is gone, a new inventory will be started -- this time with semi-precious and precious metals and stones.

The quality of these pieces is high, but I believe in this economy you don't have to spend all you have to have some bling.

This little beauty is named The Black Sea. She a beautiful little 7" bracelet, made of Montana Blue (IMO one of the best colors I've seen) and silver findings. The cool part? It's only $11.69 @ ArtFire.

Pretty garnet Swarovski crystals... I had a metric ton of them. No, not really, just a complete set of birthstones. I've made a series of earrings with these beads, and this is just an example. Only $9.89

Last but not least...

Her name is Stormy Weather. She is created from hematite, amethyst Czech beads and silver finish metal. It's a nice substantial necklace. $32.39

Tomorrow, more Artisans of the Day!
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