Mason/Ball Company... Seriously?

I swear I can't win for losing... Good ole Wally-world finally started carrying Mason(tm) jars a few weeks ago, and I jumped for joy! I hated riding all over central MA looking for the things, so I determined as soon as I got paid, I would stock up, so I could happily fulfill my orders for the 12/24 Load package of Laundry Powder. (No links today; you see why when you read further)

So I get paid, and roll into the store and guess what? They've decided to re-vamp the household section and no Mason Jars to be found. I check at the local Stop N Shop... they've carried the things too -- no dice.

So I went online to buckle down and purchase the silly things from the Mason/Ball company. The jars are $8.49. Not bad. The shipping is $12.01.


So, I guess it's off to Shrewsbury to find my jars, so my customers can get their laundry powder.

Speaking of laundry powder, I've made an executive decision, a la GM. I'm going to pare down the shop to only the Grandma Helen and the Abuelita Lidia line. The other parts haven't been as profitable as the household cleaners, so I'm going back to the original idea of concentrating on these things to be able to deliver the most quality product. What you'll find at GreenFamilyTree after the 15 will be:

Grandma Helen's Laundry Products - Powder, Freshener, Powerhouse Sachets
Abuelita Lidia's Cleaning Products - Cleaners, Eco-Friendly cloths, cleaning sets, etc.

As much as I like soaping, it's not profitable right now. When I get more profitable and organized, I'll bring it back.

The Defender's Burden? I think it's more effective to keep my shops at one concentration. I may shop at Wally-World, but I don't want to look like Wally-world. And that's no dig at the shops who carry a multitude of items. If you can do it without going crazy, you have my undying admiration. I can't. So GFTPublications will be open by July 1. Wish me luck. Again.

Since I've been babbling forever; I'll post my Artisans of the Day in a later post.

You guys have a great day!
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  1. Jessica C. Says:

    I'm not sure what size you use or if they have this store chain where you are, but my mom gets all her mason jars from Family Dollar. They usually carry pint size, but you can occasionally find the quart and even the cup size. I don't know if this is much help, but I know it is a pain in the behind when you have to travel all over God's creation to find supplies. (my town doesn't have an industrial supply store with wire on spools. It's an hour plus drive to the closest one.)