August Blog Giveaway!

It's that time again!

I'm going to give away another "Taste of Haeven Gift Set" to one lucky reader.

I'm a trivia-geek (as readers of my other blogs can tell), so this time I'm going to give you guys a trivia question to answer. I'll pick at random out of the correct answers on August 31.

What will you get?

A little sample of everything Haeven has to offer right now, all waiting for you!

Now, what's the trivia question?

For what product was the first jingle heard on television for?

a. Murphy's Oil Soap
b. Ivory Soap
c. Ajax
d. Mr. Clean

Good luck!

Oh, yeah... feel free to follow my blog and tweet about this giveaway. All runners up that do this will get a $5.00 gift card from my shop. If you follow and/or tweet, leave me a comment with the appropriate links.
8 Responses
  1. I just wanna say that I won this awesome set last month and it is wonderful!!!
    Thanks again :)

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Great giveaway! Answer is C.!!

  3. The answer is Ajax!...thanks for the lovely giveaway!!!

  4. rosa Says:

    la mia risposta è
    d. Mr. Clean
    grazie per la possibilità di partecipare a questo give away
    sei su

  5. haeven! since google is not aiding me in my quest to find the answer - I am getting on the bandwagon with the majority. I say Ajax!

    I do not twitter - but I facebook! SO I am going to share your giveaway with the facebook folowers of lostsentiments so they can discover green cleaning! This is SO exciting! :0)

    Have a great day everyone!

  6. Woot~! :0-) Here is the facebook link! :0) Anyone can be a fan !:0) thanks for doing this giveaway haeven! ~Dawn

  7. Thank you haeven! :) can't wait! :)