I'm promise... I'll stop now... Really. No, Really.

I know; I'm a sad sort. Now that I know how to upload templates on Blogger, I've uploaded about 8,838,399,817 templates. However, I do believe I've found one that actually looks decent. It reminds me of a household planner, and I suppose that would be appropos for a blog that talks about home products. Ya know?

So what else is new? I'll be on vacation from the "day job" next week and I've promised to work on haeven products then. I've got some cool products bubbling in my brain that need to see the light of day. I'm hoping y'all will like them as much as you apparently like the products up. Yes, I know, barebones at the site and all that, but I'm figuring I'll go for QUALITY over QUANTITY these days.

And now I'm faced with the big "fulfillment" test. I've got some packages to go out as well, and I'm promising they are going out this week.

Now, for a little shop talk. OMG, I once again proved the absolute wonderfulness of my Floor and Glass Cleaner! My daughter (let's call her Tiny Dancer, because that's what she is), spread cocoa butter lotion all over my bathroom mirror. The good kind, Palmer's? You know the brand. I stared at it for a while, partially in horror, partially not surprised at all (because who was the idiot who left the lotion out where she could reach it? You guessed it.) Then I grabbed my spray bottle of Floor and Glass Cleaner and went to work. Did it work? Hellz yeah. Not even a streak. I'll probably do a little video re-creating the incident and post it here. So, September 1st, be first in line for the Floor and Glass cleaner. It rocks!

Also, coming September 1, I'll be starting to do a feature blog on different handmade "green" shops, from Etsy, Artfire, wherever you exist. If you're even vaguely interested, go ahead and drop me a line at ha.ven@live.com. Hopefully, this will help build my readership and get this little guy off the ground.

Later, taters!

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