Wanted: YOU for my September Feature

I want to feature your "green" shop in my blog!

I'm always babbling about haeven in my blog, and I realized that there are TONS of other eco-friendly, green shops out there that need lurve. So I want to feature one of them each month in my blog. I'm going to choose a category and all shops who feature these products are free to comment here to be featured! I'll choose one at random on August 20 for my September 1 blog post. You can have a shop in any selling venue, but I will only feature one of your shops!

The "green" category for this month coming will be:

Eco-friendly feminine products. (Stop making the yucky faces guys!). This is such an unsung category in the green world, I want to feature a shop that takes care of the ladies!

So comment below and good luck!
3 Responses
  1. BeansThings Says:

    Hi there...just saw your post about needing "green" shops to feature and I would love to be one of them....

    I up-cycle most of the images I use for my pendants and magnets from various printed sources. I up-cycle parts of greeting cards to create the earring cards for my earrings (which are made with vintage cabachons)...I make my own mailing envelopes too!

    Let me know...


  2. Hello! Just saw your post in the forums and I would love to be featured! All my tea is loose and organic, fair trade and my labels for my tea tins are produced with wind power and the tins can be recycled!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I make organic hemp/bamboo cotton menstrual pads
    along with funky cool cotton flannel reusable menstrual pads
    along with cramp massage oils and heating pads

    i also make wet bags to carry your pads in
    id love to be featured!