Break Time!

So, I am giving myself a half-hour break on the deep clean. I gave both my K&B Cleaner and my F&G cleaner a great workout while listening to Empress Orchid by Anchee Min.

I have to say that Empress Orchid is a beautiful book, full of history and drama and passion. I'm an audio book geek, so I got mine from Audible. If you love audiobooks, check them out.

Check this out. Yes, that is a reflection in my microwave door. I actually spent a couple of minutes chasing the older kid out of the picture, or you would have seen old 14-year old birdie chest instead of our front door. I used the F&G Cleaner on this whole thing, inside and out.

This is my counter top after the K&B Cleaner. No that isn't a smiley face on the toaster; that is melted plastic. Remember that I have kids. With that, now picture this counter crusted with PB&J, Cereal, and the good Lord knew what else. Did I mention I love my kids?

Beautiful cabinet doors. If you know me well, you know my previous cleaning habits. I'm ashamed to say that I used to be pretty casual about cleaning. Got my hands on a Household Binder Template, so I'm on the road to a more organized house. Ignore the over religious overtones of the blog, especially if you don't float that way, the book is a great tool! I'm also on the way to creating a Household Binder Template for Working Moms, because if anyone needs help keeping it together, it's us working moms!

and lastly a Before and After shot:

Before the clean: I think these were fingerprints from my son, husband and brother in law (okay, maybe me too). My Tiny Dancer is exempt because she's not tall enough yet.

After the clean. Not a fingerprint, grunge or... whatever else in sight. Not sure if you can see my masterpiece, but I hope you can.

Whew! So next thing to tackle is the dining room... Not a big job but my craft closet doors needs some TLC.

So, after looking at the horrors in my home, how about an Etsian of the Day?

This is what I'm talkin' about! If I had a house with a yard, this would be in it!
The Tin Man Bird Feeder by thecraftynuthut

Onward to the next task!
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