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Ha! Thought I forgot didn't ya? Nope, just had to fight for computer time with 2 kids.

For those of you who read my blog... if you comment to this post, I'll send you a coupon code to receive and extra 15% off of everything in my shop between today and June 15.

This is part of the QYDJ plan; I want to clean out what I have in stock so that I can re-stock and re package and renovate. I only have a few things in stock, so hopefully this sale will be over WAY before June 15.

So here we go!


PS while you're at it, join the mailing list. I promise no spam, and info will come from the ArtFire shop as well!

Artfire Artisan of the Day

How many of you know a drama queen? I know some of you know quite a few. This is a cute piece, a great fix for all of us shopping addicts.


and the Etsian of the Day

Finally! A journal with a well-placed pen hoop! And it's a nice size to put in a purse (seriously,PD, don't get me started again about purses :D)

mini journal - deep blue batik by goodkarma
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