so, what's that thing --> over there all about?

I finally found a place to set up a newsletter sign up form. Go technologically-challenged me!

This newsletter is being designed as I type this, in my head of course! It's going to be full of cool stuff from GreenFamilyTree, more detailed musings than in this blog; tips, trick, ideas and -- most important, specials just for subscribers. Not sure how these specials are going to take form; perhaps special giveaways, super special savings, special reserve items for subscribers, but they will be only for you guys who sign up.

The newsletter will only come out four times a year: January, May, September, December. So, no, no endless spam to the email box.

You'll also have an opportunity to sign up for monthly coupons. These coupons are going to be really valuable, and only for people who sign up for them. They will range from 30% off to free items from the shop... for real!

I'm sure this newsletter will be the (or da) bomb. Yes, I still know all the lingo. (shush).

So go over there and sign up and become one of the Little Green Apples.

Now, for the Etsian of the Day!

So, I'm a serious bag geek... if it's a bag, purse, clutch, sack or tote I will at least look at it, if not buy it on the spot. I'm thinking this will be a great bag for me to carry my writing things in, along with some goodies for the Tiny Dancer, who's at the age where she more independent, but needs a little back up once in a while.

Summer Flowers Field Bag by rainbowswirlz

go get em!
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