What? Did you say NEW SOAPS?

Yes, I did. I added a couple of new soaps over @ the shop today!

Plain Jane is a soap created for people who don't like a lot of crazy stuff in their soaps. All organic, smelling of fresh grapefruit.

So, yes, the first rule of soap is ... use it. This is the first of the Nurse Madge Teen line. A great soap to introduce those grubby 'tweens and teens to the joys of personal hygiene.

More goodies to come tomorrow. But how about an Etsian today?

Isn't is gorgeous? Sterling silver and Swarovski(tm)pearls. I added it to my favorites; but I'm kind of hoping someone grabs it up quick regardless!

Bird's Nest Pendant - Dove (white swarovski) by starrydesigns

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