Words of Wisdom...

On Etsy, feedback is king. Or queen. Or Prime Minister. Something like that. While most folk have a Feedback rating of 100%, some of us sorry sots are not so lucky.

In the past (and apparently lately), I've had some... let's call them "issues" with the Post Office. Basically, packages aren't getting to my customers in a timely manner. While "timely" can be a subjective thing, I would call one month not quite a "timely" manner.

As such, I've gotten a few knocks on the Feedback meter. Out of 138 sales, I've gotten 4 negative feedbacks. Four. One of them was a complaint that she only got 4.2 loads in a 6 load package. One was the person who complained about not receiving the package -- on the day she received the package. Wow.

So, what does 4 negative feedbacks give me for a percentage?

Gasp! Clutch the pearls! Seriously, under most circumstances, that's a solid A. That'll get you a pat on the back; get you a gold star, a smiley face, it may even get a kid into a pretty good school.

Not on Etsy. 96 percent puts you in the category of the kids who skip class and hang out behind the school, smoking and spitting.

Can we say, losing sales because of 4 terrible feedbacks? Can we say I had a person actually tell me that my feedback turned her away? Then I will, because that is what happened.

So, kiddies, please watch your feedback. It can kill you, even if the situation is not under your control. Ah well, we shall see if I can bounce back from it.
3 Responses
  1. Audrey Says:

    I had a give away prize that I mailed quite a while ago. The person got back to me that they had finally got it. Apparently USPS had sent the package to 2 wrong addresses before it got to the right one. My friend makes soaps and lotions. Sent 54 lotions to a place in NY, when she got the package it was in a different box, 20 where broken and some had the styrofoam peanuts in them, she managed to salvage a few.
    You would think that with what we pay in postage they could get it right!!
    Feedback isn't something I normal would look at, but I guess lots of people do.

  2. Wow, I can't believe someone was turned away because of your feedback. 96% doesn't seem bad to me...
    I'd ask the one person to "kiss and make up" since she recieved the package that day.
    I had trouble with two of my giveaway prizes last month. One of them was returned back to me two weeks after it was sent. So I had to pay for shipping and send it right back out. I still don't know the PO's reasoning for sending it back to me.
    The other order was never recieved by the winner.. So I had to send out a second batch of contents.
    It seems the PO is getting worse daily.
    Hang in there, not everyone sees your 96% as bad. There's plenty of threads in the forms talking about it...

  3. Montagyoo Says:

    I'm so sorry to hear about your feedback woes. :(

    Maybe it'll give you an excuse to do a bunch of buying to bump it up...? ;)