Not much today...

Just making some minor adjustments to the shop. I tried hard and stood fast, and finally gave in that I have to charge shipping on all NON sample items. Because Etsy is stubborn about not setting up shipping to be more flexible, I've had to set my shipping prices based on a 1 pound package.

Of course, if you're a customer and your package doesn't weigh one pound, I'll refund the overage. Even you international guys; I hate that international shipments costs so much, but I still want to take care of ya to the best of my ability.

I've finally put it in my mind that I really want this to be my "full-time job" (other than raising 2 kids). I usually work through long-term goals in baby steps, so this I know this is going to take a bit of time. Until then, know that GreenFamilyTree is always going to be selling quality product at decent price points that will be mutually satisfactory.

So, now, how's about an Etsian of the Day?
Can someone show me how this is done? This is fan-tas-tic! It is a melted, flattened bottle... and of some of my favorite vodka! Isn't the photography beautiful as well? If I wasn't afraid my Tiny Dancer would break it, I'd buy it in a heart-beat!

Vanilla Absolut Vodka Bottle Cheese Plate by MitchellGlassworks

Talk to you all later!

2 Responses
  1. PussDaddy Says:

    Aren't those flattened bottles great? I always wanted to buy one. I don't know much about it, except that they put it in a kiln, or an oven, or something very hot to flatten it. I wanted to get one as cheese platter for my sister-in-law. I really like that one.


  2. PussDaddy Says:

    I love his flattened Coke bottle, too.