Thought I forgot didn't ya?

Nope! The Winner of GFT's 1st ever giveaway is Jennifer Magnesi Designs. She wins her choice of the two pieces on this post and 30% off her first purchase at GreenFamilyTree! Go Jenn!

So I've release two more soaps to the world to be sampled and enjoyed!

The Empress' Own - Shea Butter/Yuzu - 2-3oz sample! Pretty jade green and great for the whole body!

Moisturize Ur Situation - Okay, this isn't new, but it's a re-release on an old favorite. This bars are a great size, 2-3oz, so you can sample a good long time!

Go get them while they're still hot!

In other news, some people would say that I'm working on my own website, but I'm still keeping my lips shut tight... hee.

Now for the Etsian of the Day, who also happens to be the giveaway winner!

Beautiful blue and coral, colors of spring! This bracelet looks to be a must for a spring/summer wardrobe!

Blue Jade and Coral Flower Bracelet by Jennifer Magnesi Designs

Till next time all!
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